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Political Action Committee Wants to Buy Your Vote

Do you wonder who is behind the fancy brochures mailed by United Workers for Local Government that support Pam Pitts, Erin Hannigan and Michael Wilson?  The Vallejo City Clerk’s office received the information on 10/29 which is four days after it was due on 10/25 and conveniently after the Times Herald did a story on election financing.

According to the late filings United Workers for Local Government spent $35,699 on Pam Pitts, $25,243 on Erin Hannigan and $25,445 on Michael Wilson.

All of this money was spent outside Vallejo – not a dime to local businesses.  These candidates say they want to enhance local business, but why was this money spent in New York, San Diego, Sherman Oaks and Sacramento?  The Vallejo economy could have used this support.

According to the FPPC filings in Fairfield the United Workers for Local Government is headed by Jon Riley as President and start up funding came from Firefighters Local 1186, the Vallejo Police Officers Association PAC plus the Carpenters and Cement Masons unions.  Are the unions trying to buy this election?  What influence will the $80,000 have on the three candidates if they are elected?  Do you want more or less union influence on Vallejo?  The choices are clear when you vote on Tuesday.

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