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Gary Cloutier arrested for public intoxication in Palm Springs

Released on own recognizance

11/19/07 12:02 AM

By Marc Garman VIB Staff

Mayoral front runner Gary Cloutier was arrested at 3:44 AM Sunday outside of Hunter's Bar in  Palm Springs. Cloutier had apparently been in Palm Springs to relax after a stressful, and yet undecided mayoral race. 

Reports indicate that Cloutier was in or near his car, but had not started his vehicle and was not driving when approached by police. 

While Cloutier was not arrested for DUI he was booked for public intoxication and held at Palm Springs Jail.  He was later released and must appear in court in Palm Springs. Public intoxication is considered a misdemeanor.

VallejoIsBurning has left messages for Gary and is awaiting a response. 



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