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"Evidence indicated that the Fire Chief does not exercise leadership in determining how the city-donated union hours are used." Perhaps , the fire chief is so lacking in leadership qualities he should be replaced.
"Finding #1 – The contract between the City of Vallejo and IAFF allows for an ambiguous interpretation and possible abuse of Local 1186 business leave." We need a new contract.  The citizens of Vallejo deserve a fair contract.
"Finding #2 – During the investigation, documents indicated approximately 90% of Local 1186 business leave taken, required a replacement employee paid at time and a half." Stop the waste.  50% at time and a half would show poor planning. 90% at time and a half shows abuse.
"Recommendation #2 – The Vallejo City Manager and Fire Chief should evaluate overtime procedures jointly and agree on procedures to keep all overtime costs within the negotiated budget and continue to monitor and adhere to the contract." Why adhere to an already bloated and opportunistic contract if you can get more and more and more?
"Finding #3 – On a regular basis, the Fire Chief does not exercise the contract guidelines of two to five days’ notification when granting requests for Local 1186 union business leave. Perpetual use of the waiver clause has caused the two to five days notification requirement to become meaningless." It seems Chief Parker cannot exercise leadership over his reading glasses in order to see the contract.
"Recommendation #4 – The City of Vallejo should negotiate in future contracts that employees only are paid for actual hours that were required to complete union business." Most of us only get paid for the actual hours we work. Firemen  get paid for going to Abalone feeds or swimming in dunk tanks.
"Finding #5 – The Assistant Fire Chief is a management-level employee and also serves as the Local 1186 President." Could it be that the fox is guarding the hen house?
'Recommendation #5 – The City of Vallejo should preclude management level employees from holding “rank and file” union offices, to eliminate any possible “conflict of interest.” ' DUH!!