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Tom Bartee and Alan Davis Make December 18 a Day to Remember

A few thoughts from David Corbett--Vallejoan and published author.   (Refused by the Vallejo Times Herald)     (12/30/07) 


   just in:   A word on  the budget crisis   by: Paul  "The Gadfather Norberg   (12/22/07)



Hidden Agendas exposed in SHOCKING City Council Thriller!!!!

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City Council Pandemonium!!!!!!!!

Bartee: Possessed  By Henke???

                                         Councilmember Turt Bartenke

   How They Didn't Get Away With It  A word from the Editor HERE            12/19/07

Rush of Angry Citizens Swarm Podium 

Speaker Cards Fought Over in Ensuing Riot!!! (OK, OK Almost)

          Politically Motivated Amendment Withdrawn       12/18/07

Davis and Schivley Speak out for Fairness and Fiscal Responsibility


Actual Firefighter Salaries Listed By Name

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