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Mr. Scratchy...a Cat for all Seasons

Mr. Scratchy LOVES the Times Herald.

He Loves its texture on his little paws.

Silky, Smooth, and Blissfully Devoid of Real Content or Journalistic Integrity.

The Vallejo Times Herald...a Liner for all Litter Boxes

Won't you join Mr. Scratchy as he delves into life's persistent journaCATlistic, politiKITTIcal, and philisophiCATical questions such as:

1)If my poo-poo is in the vacuum of outer space does it still smell?

2)Why did those monkeys get the opposable thumbs and can openers?

3)Will those morons at the Times Herald ever develop an ability to spell, write, or at least use proper syntax? (see question 1)

You get Mr. Scratchy's drift.  He's one smart cat.


He even has a journalistic rating system:


---------------------Mildly Offensive Nugget


--------------------This Really Stinks

------A Vile, Biased, Nostril Burning, Stomach Churning, Abomination Parading itself as Journalism

Click  HERE  for his breakdown of a little nugget that appeared in the local litter box liner recently.