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Statement from Terrye Davis


Just a bit of clarification on the recount…… actual ballots were counted. There were some duplicates. As VIB has pointed out, there were some ballots which were duplicated because the machine could not read the original (damaged, wet, etc..). The duplicate was then scanned by the machine. The original was kept in a separate place in the event there was a question regarding the duplicate. Observers, including Mr. Cloutier’s, challenged the duplicate ballots. Originals were produced to authenticate the duplicate. The challenges were reviewed at the end of the day by representatives of each candidate. The observers agreed the duplicates were an accurate representation of the original. 

For the person who does not trust Mr. Davis, there is an easy solution. He is asking for citizen input. Instead of complaining, give him a chance. Join the team and let’s make Vallejo a better place. Neither he nor Gary could do this job alone. It is going to take all of us. Here is our office number should you want to talk: 707/644-7424. 

Terrye Davis