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Union Business Leave--Uses or Abuses??



These are examples of activities engaged in by IAFF 1186 Fire Union Officials while on the City of Vallejo payroll. 

  • Diving for Abalone

  • Imbibing Alcohol

  • Sleeping off a Bender

  • Attending to other cities' union business

  • Swimming in the dunk tank for "charity"

  • Attending The MI to Medusa Run

  • Stretching local meetings into paid 24 hour extravaganzas

  • Attending conferences in beautiful Palm Springs
  • "political games-playing with the City"
  • "mingling into the wee hours of the night"

Dime? Actually $$  hundreds  $$ of Thousands of Dollars!!

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This is the Union that is endorsing Pamela Pitts, Michael Wilson and Erin Hannigan.  

A vote for them is a vote for more of the same abuse.