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Will there be a Challenge?

Cloutier Campaign Considers Options

By Marc Garman


In an election that may be the closest and most strange in Vallejo's history it is hard imagine what each candidate must be feeling.  Clearly Osby Davis and his followers are elated by his "snatch it from the jaws of death" victory in the recount of ballots yesterday in Fairfield.

Davis is scheduled to be sworn in as Vallejo's mayor on Tuesday. Vallejo residents can only ask "Is this it?" in what has been an incredibly drawn out and emotional election.

Should the Cloutier camp decide to challenge the recount it would require a decision in court to move forward with another recount...this time at Cloutier's expense.

Are there sufficient irregularities to warrant a recount?  Will the arguments made over challenged ballots hold?

We can only wait and see.


Osby Davis and his wife Terrye head to the conference room to hear the results


Regardless of whether this is the final outcome or not, Vallejo still faces seemingly insurmountable financial challenges.

Bankruptcy is imminent.  Unmanageable public safety contracts that consume 78% of the budget will not go away any time soon.

Facing the prospect of leading a city on the verge of financial armageddon can not be an uplifting prospect for any new mayor.

Gary Cloutier and Campaign manager Pam Keith

While Cloutier has demonstrated his staunch opposition to the current public safety contracts, and Davis has indicated he will take a strong position against them... Will it matter?

Clearly, Bartee, Sunga, Hannigan and Wilson form a  majority on city council that will support the public safety contracts if at all possible.

None of this is likely to make a huge difference though, if (more like when) the city is bankrupt.

Whether Vallejo ends up with its first black mayor or its first openly gay one it will have the unique distinction of being the only bankrupt city in California.