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By Sam Kurshan


I know I am not welcome here and expect this to be removed. Hopefully it will be read first.

I want to commend Marc for being the catalyst that led to Scott James writing the NY Times article on Wednesday and for the excellent article I just read here.

Since the article was written, I have been in touch with Lou Bordisso, Adrienne Waterman, Jana Besh of Solano Green Alliance and many other Vallejoans who are outraged by the way Osby disgraced Vallejo in the eyes of the world through a newspaper that is published in more languages and countries on the earth than any other periodical.

I have gone on the TH blogs and called for Osby to resign or be recalled and many are in agreement.

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Corbett on Henke & The Times Herald

 The following was written in response to an article in  The Vallejo Times Herald

By David Corbett



The piece in today’s Vallejo Times-Herald  concerning the lawsuit filed by Mr. Guiliani against Kurt Henke for malicious prosecution was shamelessly irresponsible.


Only the already fully informed could make from that article what was really at issue, and the glaring omissions are an outrage since they reflect on the very heart of the problems facing this cash-strapped city.


First, the headline, with its anonymous "Others," is misleading to the point of dishonesty. The so-called others are the firefighters local and their lawyer, a fact you bury at the bottom of the piece. Obviously, those facts are relevant. Why obscure them?


Second, Kurt Henke filed a frivolous and malicious lawsuit against Mr. Guiliani and the other defendants that was found entirely without merit both at the trial court level and upon appeal. The rulings were scathing in their rejection of Mr. Henke’s arguments. You make no mention of that. You do not state what the underlying action concerned, and why it was found so baseless. Why? Who are you trying to protect?



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Marti Brown Speaks Out


By Marti Brown--Candidate for Vallejo City Council



Over the past few days I’ve read several comments regarding my position on affordable housing and redevelopment, and it seemed relevant that I weigh in on the discussion.


First, given the City’s current problems, affordable housing in the City of Vallejo is a very low priority at this time. When I’m elected to office, it will not be one of my public policy priorities (please see my campaign platform:


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And now the Sewer is Rising ?


By John and Maureen Kocourek




Water rates are going up 24% over the next 5 years and now Vallejo Sanitation and Flood is going to jack up the rates for the waste water.  For residential, the waste water increase will add up to about 12.5% over the next 3 years.  There are a lot of folks in Vallejo who cannot count on a 12.5% income increase over the next 3 years, so once again, we'd like to see the District cut costs instead of hiking sewer rates.  Are VSFCD personnel going to receive any pay increases over the next 3 years?

Here's a link to the message they're mailing to customers:

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Citizens and VIB were Right

By Robert Schussel Ph.D



This was originally written as a letter to Ron York of POLICEPAY.NET


Ron Would you please publish this.

When you started writing about Vallejo you said the bar was too low for Bankruptcy and were critical of the analysis that citizens had posted on WWW.IBVALLEJO.COM  as overstating shortfalls etc.

It now seems that they were correct and that the Union propaganda that the City had money was incorrect


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