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Munchitude of Legendary Magnitude




By Marc Garman


A team of specialist contractors have been brought in at great expense to The City (so, what else is new?).

Their mission? To control the rampant vegetative insurgency on Mare Island, and terminate with extreme munchiness. They are known as "The Herbivalous Baaaaah-stids"

Munchitude of Legendary Magnitude--9/17/09 from Marc Garman on Vimeo.

   Slow connection? Click the HD logo in the upper right corner after the video starts to view in standard def.

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Ship Breaking Operation Promises Jobs


Image      M.I. Dry Dock Re-use Inches Closer

By Marc Garman


California Dry Dock Solutions and Jay Anast have been hoping to re-open Mare Island Dry Docks 2 and 3 for twelve years now. The need to remediate the decaying Suisun Bay Mothball Fleet would seem to represent an almost endless stream of work.

Tonight's public meeting at the Mare Island Conference Center saw some residents voice concerns over noise and toxic substances, while others shared their enthusiasm over the potential for job creation. Engineer Werner Hoyt assured those present that the modern techniques used in ship breaking today would be far quieter and cleaner than methods employed in the past. Anast made it clear that ship breaking is “heavy industrial” and emphasized his intent to be open and candid regarding the nature of his business.

CDDS will also be instituting a policy of sourcing labor from Vallejo first. They will look outside the area for workers only if they are unable to find them locally. CDDS hopes to be able to employ 100+ workers.

Listen to the full audio podcast of the public meeting (85 minutes) here:



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Interview with Ruscal Cayangyang


2009 Candidate for Vallejo School Board


By Marc Garman



Ruscal Cayangyang is a twenty year old graduate of Vallejo High School.  Since coming to Vallejo from the Philliphines with his mother, Ruscal has worked at achieving success academically and with English as a second language. He is currently enrolled at San Francisco State and is majoring in Urban Studies.


Interview with Ruscal Cayangyang--2009 Candidate for Vallejo School Board from Marc Garman on Vimeo.


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 Dry Dock Re-use Tour and Meeting

 A tour of the Mare Island dry docks is scheduled for  Wednesday September 16 at 5 PM. Be at Nimitz Ave. near 8th/Rickover Streets.


Presentation by California Dry Dock Solutions to follow at 6 PM at the Mare Island Convention Center.  Discussion will include planned re-use of dry docks for shipbreaking and other industrial maritime purposes.

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 The Birds of Glen Cove


Jimmy Sarmiento



  A look at our local feathered friends with a fellow VIB reader and bird peeper !

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