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YCCR - January 15, 2008

Article Launched: 01/17/2008


Example moves the world more than doctrine.

-Henry Miller

A light night-finally!-but illuminating discussion nevertheless. The council in their deliberations with Safety Unions should take the Transportation Department's negotiations for bus service as an exemplary example of excellence (EEE!).



Not on the agenda and to comply with the Brown Act, the council voted unanimously (required a 2/3 majority) to add a proclamation that honored the Vallejo chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority on this, their centennial anniversary. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded in 1908 on the campus of Howard University and is the oldest Greek-letter organization established by African American college-trained women.


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YCCR - January 8, 2008

Article Launched: 01/11/2008

Big Fishes in a Small Pond

Only one big item on the agenda and yet the night dragged on. Another long report...sorry!

Not many people in the audience-unfortunately, the hoards that attended for both Cloutier and Davis' swearing in don't seem to be coming back.  Maybe they are just recovering from the holidays and storms? Well, they can depend on the trusty reporting of the ADQ.  Read my report and you are almost there...

The night started out with a proclamation to make January, 2008 "National Blood Donor Month."  Mayor Davis read the proclamation.  He didn't have his glasses but did not borrow City Manager Tanner since then the audience would really know he couldn't read, not that he couldn't see (laughter all around).  It is an honorable proclamation-easy and selfless and Davis urged the 38% of the population who are able to-instead of the just the 8% who currently do-to donate blood.  And when you donate blood you get all the orange juice and cookies you want! If you want to give blood, here's the place in Vallejo:

Redwood Square, 480 Redwood Street, Suite No. 31, Vallejo, CA 94590
1-888-393-GIVE or Online Appointment

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January 7, 2008

New election results: Davis's two-vote lead reduced to one. Another recount descrepancy discovered!

A "recount of the recount" was done before the Holidays, and apparently, one more vote for Cloutier was found, changing the results yet again, with Davis now ahead by only one, with 5718 total votes and Cloutier with 5717 votes.

Four Registrar of Voter staff reviewed and counted ballots from the precincts in question--those whose manual recount totals did not match the machine count totals--while in the presence of Solano County Sheriff’s Corporal Jon Couvillon and Deputy Gina Pickett.

Seems they discovered the election board recount was not correct, and yet another vote for Cloutier was "found", with Davis apparently ahead now by only one vote.

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A Word From the Editor

January 1, 2008



We have a new look. We've also started calling ourselves the Vallejo Independent Bulletin. You're probably asking yourself, What does it mean??

Don't worry, we will continue to report, research and inform just as we have been doing...only better.

We are growing.

Expect to see new features and more exciting content. The new format will allow us to grow (scalability) and keep the content organized and easy for you to use.

All the older stuff is accessible by going to the Burning Archive on the left navigation bar. Everything is still here.

The Daily Scream looks a little different. You no longer need to send email to put a comment up. Just type your scream right into the dialog box on the page. We are still reading and monitoring comments so nothing has really changed. Just better software...nicer for us and easier for you.

The Primal Scream is a new addition. We will have more on that (how to submit etc.) up soon.

About the name change...We started this site to address one issue facing Vallejo. Now that we have decided to stick around long term we feel that the new moniker is more appropriate.

We will be here to watch and report on the issues and challenges facing Vallejo. You will always have a chance to have your ideas heard as well.

Reach us at or Both get you here.

So, welcome to the new VIB. Always vigilant...More so now than ever.

Viva Vallejo!

Marc Garman-editor VIB



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YCCR - December 17 & 18, 2007

Article Launched:12/20/07


This report combines the Monday study session with the Tuesday council meeting because arguments brought forward from particular council members on Tuesday were quite illuminating. And why didn’t they not ask their questions and/or raise their concerns on Monday during the study session, when the audience would have a chance to question them? More on that below.


The Budget Study Session at the last minute scheduled for Monday at 5:00 pm had both city finance staff and residents scrambling - staff to be prepared and residents to get there.


Although I was annoyed that this was scheduled with such short notice, the overall discussion turned out to be illuminating and the finance staff were very clear. They are doing an incredible job under what must be very stressful conditions.  The finance staff worked up to the minute the meeting started—and they also worked all weekend—and they did not even have time to make handouts. So the meeting recessed while staff did frenzied copying. Not a good use of their or our time. I just hope this is the last time a meeting as important as this is called in such short notice because accurate accounting requires time for composed analysis and that gets difficult when staff has to scramble to prepare for a meeting – especially one that is also highly politicized.


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