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FLASH: AB 155 mothballed


By Marc Garman

Apparently AB 155 the California State Assembly bill backed by Assemblyman Tony Mendoza D-Norwalk has been put on ice in Sacramento for the time being. The bill, which would make it more difficult for California cities to declare bankruptcy has been withdrawn.

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A Summertime Paddle Along Mare Island


 Enjoying Vallejo's Post Industrial Waterfront From a Kayak

A Summertime Paddle Along Mare Island--7/8/09 from Marc Garman on Vimeo.


 Slow connection? Click the HD logo in the upper right corner after the video starts to view in standard def.

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Voice of San Diego looks at owners of Casa de Vallejo--7/8/09


Local Developer Plagued by Fire, Lawsuits and Criminal Charges


Sunday, June 28, 2009 | A local developer that operates four affordable housing projects in San Diego County has been plagued by a series of recent controversies around the state, including criminal charges, a fire at one of its projects that killed four people, and the accusation that it's been running a "living hell" at a building in Los Angeles.


San Diego-based The Amerland Group, which specializes in building and renovating affordable housing projects, recently agreed to pay more than $500,000 to a group of tenants from one of its buildings in downtown Los Angeles. The tenants accused the company of cutting off water to elderly renters, neglecting to keep elevators running and allowing human waste to back up in blocked toilets, while at the same time systematically squeezing out low-income and African-American renters.

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freedman.jpg Freedman gets his facts wrong (as usual)



By Marc Garman

In his latest column, Times Herald columnist Richard Freedman made the following statement:


TAX AND SPEND ... V-Town City Council voted 5-2 to put binding arbitration on the ballot in 2010 instead of this year, saving the city several hundred grand, so I'm told. Guess who the two were and you can't say "Laurel and Hardy."


Of course, this is just Freedman's latest snipe at councilmembers Gomes and Schivley.  We at VIB love a good snipe now and then...only problem is Freedman got his facts wrong.  Had the Vallejo City Council voted to put binding arbitration on the ballot in November (as Gomes and Schivley wanted) the cost would be $53,619.  A measure placed on the ballot in 2010 will cost the taxpayers $375,333 (minimum).


If Freedman had watched the council meeting he would have heard Schivley specifically state her opposition to the added expense for the taxpayers.


Clearly, Freedman has total derision for Gomes and Schivley and was in too much of a froth to check his facts. And they say we're the haters?

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uglybyrd.png   Word From the Bird


Word is that a possible deal with Vallejo's Fire Union is very close...might even happen at the next closed session or some time very soon.  The question is: Will this be good for Vallejo or more Business as Usual ?   Peep-peep.

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