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Angelo Takes in Pista Sa Nayon on the Vallejo Waterfront

Angelo Sees Culture

And Lumpia.  Tasty friggin' Lumpia !!!


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Binding Arbitration on the Chopping Block ?



By Marc Garman


This Wednesday at 7PM the metal is expected to hit the meat. The members of Vallejo's Charter Review Committee are expected to vote on charter section 809: Binding Arbitration.

Chairman Mark Fox made his views clear at the last meeting when he described 809 as “f****d up” and “designed to fail the people”. VIDEO

Fox, who works as an Assistant City Manager in Pittsburg CA, but lives in Vallejo, is no stranger to the workings of government or to labor negotiations. He is a man who carefully chooses his words with an evident care, restraint and precision. This makes his passionate condemnation of Vallejo City Charter section 809 all the more resounding.

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FLASH: Bob Adams appointed Acting City Manager

Tonight in a special session of the Vallejo City Council, Development Services Director Bob Adams  was appointed as acting City Manager.  Adams will be taking the place of departing City Manager Joe Tanner.  The resolution was approved by a unanimous vote of the City Council.  The details of Adams' compensation package are yet to be worked out. Also considered for the position were Assistant City Manager Craig Whittom and Labor Consultant Sandy Salerno.






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A Visit to WWII Naval Ship LCS-102

A Visit to WWII Naval Ship Lcs-102 from Marc Garman on Vimeo.

Slow connection? Click the HD logo in the upper right corner after the video starts to view in standard def.

LCS-102 is the only remaining example of its kind.  Having been bought by the Royal Thai Navy it has been kept in workable if unrestored condition.  Now a group of volunteers are restoring the ship. Join us with volunteer and guide Terry Clemens for an overview.

LCS 102 iis docked at Berth 6 Mare Island’s historic WWII submarine dock.


You may visit the ship on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  Also most Weds. and Fri.

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Save Your City?



May 25, 2009   

League of California Cities Launches to Showcase How a

State Raid of Local Property Taxes Would Harm California Communities  

Contact: Eva Spiegel, (916) 658-8228          Cell, (530) 400-9068 


SACRAMENTO — The League of California Cities today is launching as a unique and innovative platform for mayors, city council members and concerned members of the public to tell policy makers how communities will be devastated if the state forces cities to bail the state out of its budget deficit. Anyone can register on the site and submit a video. Each video uploaded to will automatically be sent to the Governor and the legislators of the person who submitted the video. More than 200 city officials, business and community leaders and the public have already submitted video testimony to lawmakers and the Governor.  

Since 1991, state officials have taken over $10 billion in local property taxes to meet state obligations, costing cities over $900 million each year. Now state officials are considering forcing local governments to “loan” the state $2 billion in local property tax revenues to help close the state’s budget deficit. This type of borrowing binge to fund today’s budget is part of what got California into its budget mess in the first place. It needs to be stopped if we ever hope to have a responsible budget. 


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