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Image  A Conversation With Lewis Brown


April 30, 2008

By Marc Garman


It would be safe to say Lewis Brown has done a lot and seen a lot. He moved to California in 1953 to go to college and law school Having grown up in Laurel, Mississippi and worked his first job as a dishwasher and car hop while still in his pre-teens, higher education might not have been an option, but a local lawyer inspired him to pursue a college education.  Brown has practiced law in Vallejo for many years. 


In addition to practicing law, Brown has served as a teacher in the Vallejo Unified School District.  


He served  on the Democratic Central Committee, the Planning Commission and has the distinction of having been Vallejo's first African American council member in 1965.


Lewis Brown rode the campaign train with John F. Kennedy and helped see Vallejo through the turbulent civil rights era of the 60's.


Join VIB as we have a conversation with a man who has earned a place in Vallejo history. (He has a street named after him too.)  His perspective and insights are supported by both his long experience and keen intellect.


The interview below is minimally edited, and was filmed April 28, 2008 on Mr. Brown's front porch in Vallejo.  Lewis Brown touches on his prior experience as well as current political subjects such as:  charter violation, binding arbitration, recall, and the influence of outside interests.


An Interview with Lewis Brown in 3 Parts: