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Our Town?


May 6, 2008

By Marc Garman


Bankruptcy or Deal?  This is the question that will be before the Vallejo City Council tonight.  But let's look at the question behind the question: 

Is this our town or does it belong to the unions?   Vallejo or Henkeville?


It's as simple as that really...

Smart money on the street says the vote will go 5-2 in favor of a deal with the unions.  Gomes and Schivley will oppose.  And Vallejo will limp along for a while, and end up smacking the fiscal roadblock again in a few months or a year.


Of course the unions claim The City still has plenty of money to "pay daddy".  Funny thing is they refuse to make the details of their "independent audit" public.  Now why would that be?  Could it be that the recommendations they are pushing for are so awful there might be public outcry?  Hmmm--out of sight--out of mind  just like a jack in the box until--BOING!!--and the citizens lose!


But I digress.  The real immediacy lies with tonight's decision.  Will this "council of change" change the way we do business in Vallejo or will they ignore staff's recommendation for bankruptcy?-- Staff???--They only have background and expertise--Who needs 'em.


Then there is the question of legacy.  Nobody can blame the newly elected members of city council for our present kerfuffle.  However, they can choose to be remembered as the council that truly stood for change-or-just went with the status quo.


So, the reaces are on--7PM Vallejo City Council chambers, 555 Santa Clara St.


Will we see the same old horse run again or will Osby and the funded four have the decency to put the poor beast out of its misery?