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Documents Show Better Health Group paid for


 Medical Cannabis Business License


By Marc Garman



Jorge Espinoza

With a second raid by Vallejo Police on cannabis collective Better Health Group yesterday and the re-arrest of collective owner Jorge Espinoza it seems that the legal dispute over cannabis is being tried on the streets of Vallejo as well as in the courts. In a recent memorandum HERE , City Manager Keen outlined the issues surrounding the conflict between local codes, Vallejo's Measure C, state law and conflicts with federal law surrounding cannabis. Keen indicated that the city would be putting a hold on plans to issue business licenses to dispensaries at least until decisions are reached on a number of court cases. But it would seem that payment for a business license by Better Health Group's Espinoza was received February 27 and a receipt given by The City of Vallejo. "Medical cannabis” is also clearly written on the application which was apparently approved the next day February 28 --On February 29, 2012 Vallejo Police raided Better Health Group arresting Espinoza.


Does the City have any legal culpability as a result of receiving payment for a (clearly identified) cannabis business license? And then immediately raiding a business that it just approved for operation? Or does federal law supersede any seemingly schizophrenic behavior (or culpability) by City officials? And then there is the issue of Espinoza being in operation prior to the February 28 approval of his business license and engaging in activities deemed illegal by the feds. and apparently without a proper business license to boot.


The search warrant itself was actually issued February 27 for the February 29 raid placing it's issuance on the same day as the City accepting payment from Espinoza.


At very least, the message sent by the City to collective operators has been a confusing one.


You can see a copy of Espinoza's business license application (SSN redacted) and receipts issued by the city for the license as well as fire inspection fees. HERE


A copy of the Search Warrant can be viewed HERE