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City Clerk Schools Kurshan


Read the rejection notice given to Kurshan by Vallejo City Clerk Dawn Abrahamson below. It looks like the recall proponents will have to start over from the very very beginning and serve Gomes and Brown with Letters of Intent again. Two copies as supplied re councilmembers Brown and Gomes:



Brown's copy HERE

Gomes' copy HERE


At this point it seems likely that the only chance recall proponents have of getting this on the ballot is for a special election. The cost for a special election is approximately $800,000. And this would be for an attempt to remove two councilmembers for less than a year since Gomes will be termed out and Brown's term is up in 2013. Seems like a paltry return on investment for $800,000 of taxpayer money. But perhaps Kurshan thinks he's Vallejo's $800,000 man. Guess we'll see.




Recall Petition REJECTED



Letter of intent REJECTED



Recall effort almost back to SQUARE ONE




Bellicose recall front man Sam Kurshan has come up short again. Kurshan, who is front man for a group seeking the recall of councilmembers Stephanie Gomes and Marti Brown, just can't seem to get it right.


According to Vallejo City Clerk Dawn Abrahamson, the format for the signature pages submitted by Kurshan is incorrect. The signature pages must be corrected and re-submitted. In addition, the original (second) Letter of Intent served on Gomes and Brown was rejected because the copy published in the Times Herald (as required by law) was not the same as the Letter of Intent filed with the city clerk. As to whether Kurshan must serve Gomes and Brown again, or re-publish a correct copy of the letter is unclear at this time.This is the second time Kurshan has been sent back to try again and his third error.