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Involvement by some board members in efforts to recall Gomes and Brown among reasons listed in letter by Board Member Dennis Brinson.


By Marc Garman

The mission of CCRC has been to improve the conditions in Vallejo's downtown retail district by creating a Management Plan and providing services such as security. A majority of the board of CCRC (Central Core Restoration Committee) has voted to reject funding for their own organization. The funds for CCRC are derived through a voluntary assessment of downtown property owners, referred to as Parking and Business Improvement District (PBID) funds.



A May 22 letter submitted to the Vallejo City Council (obtained via public records request) by downtown property owner and CCRC boardmember Dennis Brinson outlines the reasons for de-funding the organization. Brinson describes a general lack of support for CCRC amidst feelings that the organization has been ineffective. He also notably mentions that:

Some of the most influential members of the District's Board have become involved in the proceeding to recall members of your Council at a time when cooperation with the City is critical to the effective operation of the District.

Several downtown merchants have described aggressive canvassing activities on the part of CCRC Board President and funerary magnate Buck Kamphausen, urging merchants to get behind this recall . They have described Kamphausen's activities as the proverbial last straw in their decision to terminate CCRC.

VIB was able to reach Buck Kamphausen, who is presently out of the country in Europe. Kamphausen

indicated (via telephone) that he was unable to comment on matters regarding CCRC as he was not present at the time of the vote. When pressed about allegations of his advocacy of the recall effort against councilmembers Gomes and Brown, Kamphausen would neither confirm nor deny his position, but indicated that he would

be open to speaking with VIB when he returns to the country.

Dennis Brinson could not be reached. Letters were also submitted by Robert Landau; legal representation for Board member Dennis MacRae and Marina Vista Apartments (201 Maine St.) and by Board member Jim Barcewski. VIB will publish the additional letters when they are received via public records request.


View the letter by Dennis Brinson HERE