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The Ad-Hoc Citizens Public Safety Advisory Committee will meet Wednesday, August 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 555 Santa Clara Street, Vallejo.  An agenda is attached.  The meeting will be live streamed on the City's website and broadcast live on Channel 28.Barbara Attard, Police Practices Consultant, and Michael Rains, partner in the law firm of Rains, Lucia and Stern, will make presentations regarding civilian police review commissions.


Questions to the committee regarding meeting topics or other issues in the scope of the committee can be e-mailed to:

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Additional information about the committee is available on the scrolling section of the City of Vallejo website.




By Paula McConnell


At a recent performance at the Empress Theatre which featured Laura Dorais and the Jazz Connection followed by the Mel Brooks classic slapstick Western “Blazing Saddles,” the Executive Director took the stage between acts to make an important announcement.


B.J. Lipari announced that the Empress will be severely cutting back on their movie nights. “We are just not able to make expenses,” he said. Indeed there were only about twenty-eight people in the audience by the time the movie started. By the time they pay a band, utility and other expenses, it simply cannot ‘pencil out.’ The Empress staff has made a valiant effort, and the idea of a musical review prior to the movie, coupled with Martinis or wine, was a good one. The public would just not support it to the level of need, however. On the other hand, their concept of the ‘Wednesday Night Ramble’ which features different musical presentations on Wednesday evenings is going strong, and will be continued indefinitely. Lipari also mentioned that they will begin to bring “some big name comedy” in as well. “The board is insisting that we maintain at least one movie weekend each month,” Lipari said.

Despite the poor attendance during other performances, on a recent weekend the Benicia Ballet packed the house. There was a forty-two person orchestra conducted by the formidable Steven D. Thompson, and just about as many children on stage. The house was literally ‘standing room only.’ Hundreds of people came to listen to the orchestra and watch the children. (As is well known in theatre, if you have an animal or a child on stage, you are almost guaranteed a hit.) Audience member Mary Ewart of Vallejo had this to say: “As a parent I appreciate this school’s display of inclusivity and diversity among students of different sizes, backgrounds and creative talents. The instructors encourage students to find their individual creative expressions. Students are never made to feel as though they have to fit in a square box. Of course, it was great for the students to experience performing in such a fantastic venue as the Empress Theatre.” The Benicia Ballet paid the Empress $1,000 for the day of performance which also included myriad days of rehearsal. Audience entrance fee for the performance was free.

There are many wonderful volunteers holding the Empress together. “They are one of our most important assets,” said Lipari. Volunteer Linda Inderbitzen volunteered both on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. She is a particularly constant and stalwart volunteer. “She is almost always here,” said Lipari. But they have so many wonderful volunteers too numerous to mention in this space.“We will be offering a lot more entertainment diversity in the future,” said B.J.“We’ll keep everyone posted. We have some outstanding talent coming up, I just hope people come downtown to the Empress to enjoy it,” he said. The Empress has little money for advertising, so please spread the word.