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Editor's note: Although Paula McConnell is a regular contributor to VIB, the following is an opinion piece and as such represents the opinion of Mrs. McConnell and is not an endorsed position held by VIB.

Also be advised: Because the issue of the recent police shooting has not been agendized for tonight's meeting of the Citizens' Public Safety Advisory Committee, the committee is very limited in terms of what response they can make IF ANY on this issue at tonight's meeting due to the constraints of the Brown Act.







Do you think Vallejo Police officers are out of control?




By Paula McConnell



Do you think Vallejo Police officers are out of control? Or do you praise all police persons for their bravery and valor at all times? Some think that the city of Vallejo needs to have a Citizen’s Review Commission to oversee the current police activity on behalf of the people. Others think that the police are saint-like needing no overview or extra policing anywhere, anytime, on any level. Others, such as the family of murdered victim Guy Jareau (and legions of other Vallejo families like them) feel that more answers and explanations are needed. Still others ask why the families of victims should not be allowed to attend press conferences such as the one held recently in the latest police assassination. Whatever your feelings, there will soon be a good chance to speak out on either side of this highly controversial spectrum. And remember, if you do not allow your voices to be heard, nothing will ever be accomplished one way or another.

On Monday September 10th in the City Hall Council Chambers (located at 555 Santa Clara St., Vallejo) at 6:30p.m citizens will have a chance to meet Vallejo’s new “interim” Police Chief Joseph Kreins. Chief Kreins is the recently retired Police Chief of Novato, Ca. and a former police department information officer of Concord, Ca. He has been hired to help Vallejo’s police department for approximately six months prior to a new police chief selection. Next Monday evening (9/10) Kreins will speak about the city of Novato’s ‘Civilian Police Commission’. But prior to his presentation, there will be plenty of time to speak your mind at the Community Forum segment of the Ad Hoc Public Safety Review Committee’s regular segment of their community forum. This Committee is chaired by former City Council member Joanne Schivley. Chief Kreins wants to hear from the public whether you are past victims of the Vallejo police, or interested citizens. It is a time for reflection, suggestions, comments, solutions, and any other offerings which might make Vallejo a better place. Hint: Don’t be late, because the committee will probably discourage further open comments once Kreins begins his presentation. Just fill out a card on the table at the back of the room, and give it to somebody at the front podium. Hope to see you there.