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A city of broken dreams, broken hearts and broken trust




By Cyndi Mitchell


The repulsive and above the law mentality exhibited by the Vallejo Police Department is sickening to the stomachs of those able to experience the wrath of their deadly activities or witness the disgusting arrogance displayed by those  who have deemed themselves untouchable.


Knowing that Joseph Kriens has decided to fill the position of  Vallejo Police Chief  I am trying to remain optimistic on the cleanup of the murky waters inside of the Vallejo Police Department. Although I wasn’t able to find the Job Posting for the Police Chief position for the city of Vallejo anywhere on the  web. Which clearly excluded anyone other than close friends as options for our city of broken trust?


And being that Mr. Kriens and Vallejo city manager Dan Keene are long time buddies from the city of Novato CA, and considering that City manager Dan Keene advocated for a salary increase for the so-called unknown police chief just a couple of weeks before Mr. Kriens announced acceptance of the position. Shows obvious deception of the people.


A city of broken dreams, broken hearts and broken trust requires a lot of care when attempting to clean up. It is my hope that our new police chief for the city of Vallejo is interested in changing the culture of lies, deceit, murder and corruption. It is time for a change and our community deserves it.


If Mr. Kriens is really interested in cleaning up the Vallejo Police Department and earning the trust of the community. Righting a wrong and recanting lies that were told to the press and the community would be a good direction. If Mr. Kriens was unaware of the false information that was provided to him by trusted colleagues of the Vallejo Police Department which painted him as a deceitful man this should be exposed and so should the parties responsible for such actions


Mario Romero was murdered then slandered by officers of the Vallejo Police Department. This is not speculation, this is pure fact. What is also pure fact is that the culture of deceit makes it second nature for corrupt officers to continue with the cover-up of unlawful activities whether on camera or off.


Our new police chief has a tremendous task ahead of him. Changing the culture within the department by setting a standard above arrogance, deceitful tactics and corruption and implementing drug testing for our officer’s  would be a great start. With those changes our chief will be sending a clear message that the free for all is over and personal accountability is mandatory. We are currently walking in a dark alley with the light of a single birthday candle being threatened to be blown out by the gun of unaccountable officers of the Vallejo Police Department. These same officer’s believe that police have more rights to live then a community.


Possessing a Super human mentality because of this lack of accountability. Any person who holds a position in public safety should not mind proving his integrity when his mission is to keep the people safe. Our officers of the Vallejo Police Department are human although a lot of them may have forgotten and exhibit monstrous behaviors with a blatant disregard for human life. This must be stopped and I wish Police Chief Joseph Kriens all the best. Removing rodents is not an easy task especially when theirs an infestation in a house and having to deal with that along with a cancerous tumor, a leaky roof with a dark storm cloud that hangs over has got to be stressful but it is not impossible.


Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Scream" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin