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The Solano County CCP meeting place has  been moved

Wednesday Dec 19th 2PM 601 - Texas St (County Event Center) Conference Room A - Fairfield CAThe CCP is the group making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors about the Vallejo Day Reporting Center (DRC). You will have 5 minutes to make comments.

For 11 months the CCP has been in discussion about the Vallejo DRC. The only "representative" from Vallejo was Genesis House which has 4 building (31 beds) in Vallejo housing substance abusers ,some of whom are committed there by the Courts. Law Enforcement representatives from all of the cities in Solano County participated except Vallejo .CCP is not used to hearing from the Public especially from Vallejo. Please come to the meeting and let them know what you think.







Vallejo Parolee DRC, is it a Done Deal ?



By Doug Darling

As much as I can understand and still ''want'' to support the concept of a DRC in Vallejo, I gotta tell ya, something still smells funny.

First, lets talk about, is it a done deal? As far as the Board of Supervisors (BOS) are concerned, you betcha, it is a done deal! Per the BOS 12/4/12 meeting, Supervisor Reagan was ready to sign off on it then and there, Chair Seifert stressed the need for the County to perform, ''due diligence'' = the next upcoming Public Meeting, time, date and location to be determined. The rest of the BOS are all in support of this, as is, no concessions needed.


Though I cant provide the link that will put this project in reverse, I do not believe its a ''done deal'' I believe the greatest stakeholders in this community are those who live here. I believe if those collective voices have shared, expressed concerns, those concerns should be mitigated. I believe concessions need to be forthcoming! Vallejoans should not give up their concerns, their rights, their beliefs or their fight!

If the County were to open the 1st DRC in Fairfield, do you expect me to believe that Fairfield folks wouldn’t be crying foul? Of course they would!! My Primal Scream is that I want concessions!! I expect 2 locations to be opened at the same time and I do not think that is asking too much! Whats your concession? If the County is not willing to make any concessions, we should have a problem with that! I just don’t trust the County.

Keep in mind now, the current hoopla (public meetings) we are dealing with is the result of a BOS ''motion'' to approve ''funding'' for said DRC. This motion, to ''fund'' the DRC on November 6th, was tabled due to ''the word getting out'' and in response to that, public outcry. Fact is, the ''location'' for the DRC was approved by way of a motion at the BOS Meeting on August 28th 2012. Fact is, the BOS weren’t even interested in seeing the power point presentation that was prepared for them that day, they opted not to watch the PP, (if that doesn’t further insult you, then think about it) Chair Seifert did though initiate some questions about said DRC. After that, the motion was made, 2nd and approved, no cards, no speakers, no one knew, not me, not you. The motion, convoluted as it was, included at the end, “and Support re-allocating approximately 3,600 sq. ft of space known as the Conference Center at 355 Tuolumne Street, Vallejo for a pilot Day

Reporting Center” ( BOS August 28 2012 agenda, Item 30, General Government)

The Community Corrections Partnership appears to be the key player in this game! The BOS is for the most part, merely rubber stamping what the executive committee within the CCP produces and brings forth. The suggestion for concessions were clearly pointed out prior to as well as the night of public meeting #1. So far it appears that the CCP doesn’t feel the need to give concessions or respond to any demands made by you or I, the community. After-all, most everyone associated with the CCP doesn’t live in Vallejo.

The next CCP meeting is December 19th 2PM, at 601 Texas St Fairfield, Conference Room A. This is a public meeting, they are just not well advertised in Vallejo, go figure. This is where your concerns need to be vetted, this group is doing all the work, making all the decisions, if the CCP advises the BOS to make changes based upon the concerns of the residents, i expect the BOS would approve ANY such changes.

There has been some criticism of Mayor Davis and Vice Mayor Hannigan for not bringing forth information about this proposed DRC. For the sake of clarification, I asked City Manager Keen if Vallejo was represented during this process, he said, there was no official or appointed representative from the City of Vallejo attending these meetings. ''The Solano County Cities were represented by the Vacaville Police Chief, who was selected by the County Police Chiefs Association'' Take from that, what you will.

Attached is Exhibit A, from the August 28th 2012 BOS Meeting, for those who like to follow the money, note the 100k for ''Task Force'' (local police overtime) word has it, those funds are administered by the Sheriffs Office for any local agencies assisting in PRCS searches and compliance checks. VIEW AB 109 EXHIBIT A

Public meeting #1 turned out to be a venue to line up and vent, for the most part. Some answers to questions were evaded, others just not answered. I felt my concerns as a resident were not taken seriously, on several levels, beginning with Supervisor Kondylis proposing the public meeting be held at the Mira Theater, her justification of that was so the public could see the work that’s recently been done to the theater, WTF, this isn’t a community projects award ceremony, its a serious matter, at least to Vallejoans. When I asked if the questions posed by the participating audience would become a matter of ''public record'' Supervisor Kondylis pointed to a video camera (VIB) and said, there is your public record. To further show contempt to this audience, she stated that only ''pertinent'' questions would be noted for the record, hmm, how silly of me to think that ''all'' questions are pertinent and a matter of public record! We were all pawns in round 1 of '' due diligence''

I felt the meeting was poorly, poorly hosted by the County, people were commanded to stop speaking after 5 minutes, yet there was no mention of a time limit on the evenings Agenda. People were on many occasions interrupted by the BOS as they were speaking. While attending the BOS Meeting on 12/4/12 it was quite clear to me, the concerns of the residents expressed at Public Meeting #1 had no impact on the BOS.

It looks like typical County behavior, not even a ''take it or leave it'' option, just the good ole, ram it down your throat version.

I don’t normally instigate matters, but I gotta tell ya, I hope Vallejoans stand their ground and tell the County, we refuse to accept your ignorance of our being, we will not accept your ''Done Deal'' attitude, there can be concessions!

There must be a question of legality here, the County unanimously passed a motion to implement a County program in Vallejo City limits without a public meeting in Vallejo.

What planning that has taken place in regards to this facility being established in Vallejo, has been done so without any Vallejo representation! This borders beyond a mistake! If the County is not willing to make concession's, they should be challenged!!!

So far, what the County and CCP says is all talk, they offer nothing in writing, such as, ''the Vallejo DRC will be limited to 75 Parolees in the program at any one time''. They talk about employment, where? Who is providing any jobs, training, what kind, how many union slots, is there a waiting list, any GED slots available, what about the illiterate? Infrastructure is critical to the success of a program like this, where are all the details, Chris??? Why is nothing in writing? Where is the funding for the infrastructure?

The definition of homelessness is, not having your name on a lease agreement or mortgage. As the County continues to release clients, how many will be couch surfers? How many will be illegal campers? Any squatters? How will they be dealt with? What is being done to assist any homeless clients (parolees). Absolutely nothing in writing about that. So as the County and others tell us how good this will be for Vallejo, I just don’t see any support for our infrastructure or anything in writing pinning down ANY opportunities for the clients.

Here is what I do see, About 2 Million for the Sheriffs Dept Salaries and Benefits, about 2 Mil. For Probation Salaries and benefits, another 2 Mil, for Sheriff Dept. Mics. Another 2 Mil for 2 DRC(s) You can read the rest for yourselves in ''Exhibit A''

Tuesday night, 7pm, Council Chambers. Be there, be heard! Demand our fair share for our infrastructure, cognitive therapy is only 1 part to a successful program! Since the County feels this is such a grand slam for Vallejo they should kick down about 750k out of their General Fund to help support the infrastructure to this portion of the program, in this community!


Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Scream" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin