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Eye Poke




 County Blink



In the latest development in the ongoing saga surrounding the proposed Vallejo Parolee Day Reporting Center, the county has precipitously cancelled the planned outreach meeting scheduled for the Jan, 16 meeting of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce. The communication from the county can be read two ways; either a measured plan of reconsideration is being contemplated, or county officials are reacting to the just passed City Council resolution as a "poke in the eye" (as per Mayor Osby Davis' description) and withdrawing good will efforts. Either way, they appear to have blinked. (hopefully on the way to clearer vision.) The email communication sent to the chamber is as follows:


"In light of the action of the Vallejo City Council, the County has requested that their presentation to Chamber members on Jan. 16 be canceled at this time.  County staff is reviewing the Council’s action and assessing the various impacts of the Day Reporting Center proposal.  Given the Holiday schedules, the County advises that it does expect it will be ready by the currently scheduled date."