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Racism, Denial and Misdeeds



By Cyndi Mitchell



It’s a common practice for those who exhibit racism to be in denial about the problem actually existing. Closed-mindedness and complete lack of accountability for ones actions is what it is.

When you become an adult you shed your childish ways, take on responsibility, raise a family and teach your children responsibility.

You learn not to judge without further investigating to prevent yourself from looking ignorant or uninformed. The problem with anonymity is that people can be their socially incorrect selves without fear of embarrassment.  They can practice racism while pointing the finger at people who have been racially profiled and harassed because of the color of their skin or economical status.

People who exhibit racism want to overshadow the root of the problem, while exhibiting acts of blissfulness and pretending that racism does not exist.

Racism does exist, within the Vallejo Police as well as other organizations, unless you have experienced racism it would be a good idea to research before assuming that it does not exist. Racial profiling is a huge problem within the Vallejo Police Department but another evil exists as well.

When you cannot trust a corporal that has taken on the responsibility to supervise officers on the force one has to wonder what corrupt self-imposed policies are in effect. And what are the police doing besides covering up crimes to protect themselves.

Example: Corporal Stanly Eng Stole evidence from Mario Romero’s car after he was murdered, He also planted gun. He did not know that he was being recorded but officers should not have to be recorded to practice honesty.

Corporal Stanly Eng is well aware of investigation protocol however maybe the Vallejo Police departments protocol is  to remove any incriminating evidence  that proves their officers are negligent before  the investigators arrive…Bag no tag!, no intentions of disclosure. Hmmm something to ponder.


When you have an agency that’s complaining about not having enough officers to patrol the streets but it takes five officer’s in two unmarked cars to complete a traffic stop after harassing and following a woman and two small babies on Friday 1/18/2012 10:00pm  1530 Solano Ave , then towing her car and making her walk home with these two small babies in the middle of the night, putting their safety at risk in a city that they claim is so dangerous and full of violent criminals. Sounds contradictory to me. The biggest criminals on the streets of Vallejo are the Vallejo Police. Speeding through the streets driving reckless, Running stop lights for no reason , compromising the safety of drivers on the road when turning their  siren lights on *no sound* after they have already ran a red light speeding through an intersection just because they don’t want to wait is unacceptable behavior… 1/18/2012  intersection of Tennessee & Tuolumne 10:20Pm.


One has to wonder why patrol cars are not handling traffic stops when two patrol cars obviously had nothing to do but follow eachother in a circle around one particular block of  Solano and Georgia Streets repeatedly with nothing to do. Sounds silly doesn’t it?  But this is where our tax dollars are being wasted. We have paid bullies and murderers out to protect themselves while they violate us, while our police chief promises transparency and better communications but has yet to promise us that we will not employ drug addicts, abusers or psychologically challenged individuals of any sort by implementing mandatory drug, alcohol and psychological testing on all officers and firing those who are violating the law, engaging in corrupt activities, terrorizing our city. The Vallejo Police Department must do more than attend an invited town hall meeting offering a spokesman with no answer other than he’s new. We need answers and change immediately and small changes will not work to mend the community as well as the big change of mandatory drug and alcohol testing & psychological evaluations of our officers on a constant basis. Our city deserves better and those who are in denial and are willing to accept unaccountability and  non-oversight  are apart of the problem.


A lot of people felt as if segregation and slavery should not have come to an end but where would this world be if it had not? Equality and justice for all should not be a dream for some but a reality for all, no officer should be allowed to be judge, jury and ultimately god and if we are to accept the best judgment of our officers we should be able to have the peace of mind that they are not compromising our safety with drug use and hidden medical histories.


We have laws for our food, we have laws for the road, we have laws for just about everything that we utilize and it is for our safety however we never think about the laws that should protect us from the ones who are supposed to protect us  but have a different agenda in mind. We never think about drug, alcohol testing and psychological evaluations for our officer because we assume that our officials have already implemented such law and policies to protect us but they have to admit that the ball has definitely been dropped in Vallejo on this one.


If it  in the best interest of all in charge to keep us safe this should be on the top of everyone’s agenda.


Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Scream" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin