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Setting the Record Straight



Cyndi Mitchell on behalf of the Justice for Mario Romero Foundation




A lot of people have a misconception about what the Justice for Mario Romero Foundation is. Those who are interested in having our message lost in a pile of hatred and false accusations fueled by hate-filled cops disguised as regular hate-filled individuals who reside in the city of Vallejo.


The Justice for Mario Romero Foundation does not practice hate against the Vallejo Police in fact its officers of the Vallejo Police department who have practiced hate against the justice for Mario Romero foundation ,for standing up against a murder that they are responsible for.


Officers of the Vallejo Police Department have deliberately attempted to sabotage  events held by  the Justice Mario Romero foundation by manufacturing lies  calling the foundation cop haters when that is far from the truth.


We are demanding accountability and professionalism. We work and our taxes pay their salaries, we should not have to be afraid to walk out of our homes and be targeted by rogue cops.


The Vallejo Police know that they murdered Mario Romero. They know that they planted a fake gun and stole a seatbelt. They know that Mario was removed from the crime scene after he was murdered. The Vallejo police like to play with words and slander a person after they have murdered them. The Vallejo Police Murdered Mario Romero with his hands up after he was racially profiled.


They claimed that he got out of the car but that was a lie.

When a man is shot and killed with fatal wounds in his mouth face hands wrist arms ,chest and underarms then his body is mutilated by a panicking cop who cuts a seatbelt off as well as all of his clothes and steals them there is a lot to question.


When a corporal assists in the stealing of a seatbelt and planting of gun integrity is questioned.

When a police force blatantly refuses to acknowledge evidence of misconduct, corruption and the tampering of evidence, integrity is questioned.


When the people that we employ to keep our city safe turn on us and betray us in the manner in which the Vallejo Police betrayed the community On September 2, 2012 by violating the rights of a man and murdering him in such horrendous way accountability must be demanded.


We are not against honest cops. We do publicly oppose the supporting of corrupt cops who are the driving force of the hopeless mentality in our city.


I know that this article will be met with hatred and criticism and I welcome all opinions, I just hope that those who are commenting negatively have done their research, taken time to learn the facts and understand what proper protocol is.


Don’t just assume that the police are always right because a fried says so. Do your own research and come to your own conclusion.

*Ask yourself why would police tell people that it was a drive-by shooting when it wasn’t?

* Why would a police officer who was afraid of someone who he had just unloaded his clip on and reloaded his gun jump on top of a car and continue to shoot when no return fire had been received?


Why would a trained police officer engage in a conversation with someone while shooting at someone else, not paying attention to the person that they are shooting?


Why would the police hold witness/ family members of the victim hostage?

Why would the Vallejo police need 8+ officers armed with assault rifles to block off the crime scene when the only shots fired were from the guns of the first officers on the scene?


Why was Mario Romero cut out of his seatbelt drug onto the ground and his hands zip tied after he had been shot at 30+times and was not conscious?


Why didn’t the officer who murdered Mario call for an ambulance until after others had called for assistance?


When is it okay to pump on the chest of a man who has been shot at 30+ times?

Has bullet holes in his head, face, mouth, chest, hands, and wrists and has been stabbed with a knife?


When is it okay to move a person who has been shot?


Is it common for an officer to be allowed to remain on the scene, clean blood off of his person and flash lights into the windows of the family of the man that he has just killed?


Is it standard protocol for corporals to plant guns into cars of people have been killed as well as remove evidence that has not been properly recorded and tagged before internal affairs arrive?


If the reporting story is true then why would it have to change three times before they finally stick to one?


Why would Vallejo Police lie about Mario Romero being a parolee who was afraid of going back to prison when they knew very well that he had never been to prison and had never been on parole?


Why were Mario’s Facebook friends arrested, interrogated and threatened with charges for not having anything bad to say about Mario immediately following his death?


I’m not asking you to automatically agree with what I am saying; I am asking you to take a moment to research the facts.

 As citizens we are supposed to hold the people who we employ to protect our city to a higher standard, if we are unable to do that then we must change the people that we employ so that we may have people of a higher caliber who are interested in protecting the people of the community and not just those who fit their description of deserving justice in their eyes. We must change the mentality in which a lot of us think as well.


We must not assume that everyone who is not Caucasian is on welfare since America employs all races, we must also understand that just because someone one is on welfare it does not mean that they are not human or have signed away their civil rights.

We are all human and deserve respect; the people that we employ are supposed to be trained to uphold a higher standard of conduct, if dealing with various types of people, attitudes is part of a daily routine, constant training to better handle situations should be in place if the safety of the people is the number one priority.


The Justice For Mario Romero Foundation would also like to take the time to thank the courageous person within the Vallejo Police Department who has decided to stand up against the out of control behaviors that have been exhibited by some of the cops that we employ. We understand the difficulties of standing up when in a sea of corruption and we appreciate your efforts to expose such misbehaviors. The Justice For Mario Romero Foundation has always said that we do not believe that all cops are bad; we thank you for reassuring us of this as well as welcome further exposure of such misbehaviors.


Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Scream" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin