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Protesters Take over


 Vallejo City Hall


Longshoremen pledge support of Mario Romero Foundation





2/27/13 -- Last night's protest against Vallejo's police and in support of Mario Romero, Guy Jarreau and others who have been shot by police was ultimately peaceful even if very heated at times.

The protest started at around 5 PM on the steps of City Hall and after around an hour a suggestion was made to move the protest inside and shut down the meeting in progress. Interestingly, the suggestion to shut down the meeting in City Council chambers came from Frank Gaskin, identified as the "Business Agent for ILWU Local 10". The ILWU local 10 represent longshoremen in San Francisco and Oakland.  Gaskin read a short letter declaring support, stating, "We stand in solidarity of the Mario Romero Family and all the rest of the families that their loved ones have been fatally killed."


Once inside, after protesters shouted staff and council members off the dais. Men identifying themselves as members of the "Black Riders" and wearing black berets and jackets emblazoned with black panther logos took over the microphone at the City Clerk's position, using it to address the group of approximately 70 protesters.


When the protest did finally move back outside, Vallejo PD, American Canyon PD and officers from the Solano County Sheriff were present. A line was formed by police barring the protesters from re-entering council chambers. Fortunately, there were enough cool heads on both sides of the line to prevent the protest from devolving into violence, although it looked close a few times.