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Unfortunately back by popular demand...the article called "scurrilous," and "libelous" by Jon Riley, Executive Director of the Napa-Solano Labor Council.




Get Straight or





Just Die



Serious Questions

Surrounding Vallejo City Council Candidate Anthony Summers

By Marc Garman


At this point, City Council Candidate Anthony Summers has made clear that he is not willing to interview with VIB. However, troubling questions regarding Summers and those he has chosen to affiliate himself with remain and must be brought to the attention of the Vallejo voters.

I am going to lay out some basic connections between Anthony Summers and homophobic evangelism and plans for genocide overseas. I have a lot more information which will be brought forward, but the information below will give you the general idea.


Of course, Summers has been recently trying to distance himself from his colleagues who carry the torch against my gay friends and neighbors. He is intent on being elected. However, there is irrefutable documented close and supportive involvement between Summers and Dominionist homophobic minister Ed Silvoso as recently as 2012.

Silvoso's order is more formally referred to as the "New Apostolic Reformation" If you think Summers has given up his embrace of this ideology in one year and suddenly become honestly welcoming to folks from the LGBT community, or really any of those not adherents to his specific brand and flavor of evangelism...well... I have a bridge to sell you.



Connecting the dots:

1) Last year Summers was one of the stars of a Christian movie produced with evangelist and New Apostolic Reformation leader Ed Silvoso. They talk about transforming Vallejo. It all sounds very positive. Here is the trailer:





2) However, if you start to look into Silvoso and his becomes more clear what he is really about: EXORCISING GAY DEMONS





3) Silvoso and Summers are also in agreement with Cindy Jacobs, who organized the religious event "The Call" for Texas Governor Rick Perry. She believes, for example, that a blackbird die off in Arkansas was a result of the Don't Ask Don't Tell legislation in connection with gay US service members being repealed. I have footage of Summers embracing Cindy Jacobs in 2009 at a prayer event held on the Vallejo waterfront. Here's the bit about the blackbirds:




4) Silvoso is also connected to, and supports Julius Oyet in Uganda, a devotee of the New Apostolic Reformation  who is working with members of their parliament to push for the passage of legislation to make homosexuality a death penalty offence. Oyet begins by mentioning the "Seven Mountains" which refers to the planned dominion (thus the term Dominionist) by the New Apostolic Reformation over the seven aspects of society: Religion, Media, Government, Family, Education, Business, Arts & Entertainment.





5) Here is a 20 minute documentary by Bruce Wilson on the activities of the New Apostolic reformation in Uganda. 



Summers has been selling the Ed Silvoso "Transforming Vallejo" video on the campaign trail. Half the money goes to his campaign, the other half to Silvoso. I would call that financial support.

Is Summers going to go on a gay killing spree? No, certainly not. However his financial and in kind support of Silvoso, Jacobs and their hate speak gives those who WILL commit hate crimes the justification they need to feel vindicated in their acts. By creating a dialog in which the gay community is set aside as “the others” also contributes to discrimination and horrible consequences such as suicides among the young or impressionable who may come to believe they are perhaps possessed by demons. I tend to believe that most of my readers find Cindy Jacobs and her blackbirds laughable and kooky, but there may be others who derive a darker meaning.


Summers, an anti-choice evangelistic minister with a very disturbing collection of affiliations has been endorsed by the Dems and by Labor, but only because they were obviously told to by Jon Riley. Riley, a former Vallejo firefighter and now head of the Napa-Solano Labor Council represents his special interest group, (and the Jump Start Vallejo slate) as any lobbyist would. He wants his agenda carried forward and wields considerable influence to be used for that purpose. Summers obviously is willing to do Riley's bidding to propel his own Dominionist agenda.


Unfortunately, this has tainted the other candidates who may have redeeming qualities on the shared Jump Start Vallejo slate (Dew, Malgapo,  Verder-Aliga & Summers ). For now I can only refer to Jump Start Vallejo as THE SLATE OF HATE.


Supporting those who engage in acts of hate materially, financially or through knowing inaction is tantamount to collusion even when cloaked by piety or other benevolent acts. Can we let this pass?


And on a pragmatic note, I wonder if known affiliations to homophobic movements or direct connections to hate groups is the sort of marketing tool Vallejo needs to promote a Business Friendly image? Probably not. Especially in the Bay Area.


I welcome a response from Pastor Summers.

Note: Videos such as those posted have a habit of disappearing from the internet when they are brought to the attention of the general public. Full copies of all media has been made and is held as backup in case that occurs.