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1/23/14 - This just in: Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla has issued a letter expressing her regrets at having "simply relied on the vetting that other leaders, organizations and clubs did in their own endorsement processes," in endorsing Jon Riley and Jumpstart endorsed candidate Anthony Summers without doing her own vetting. Read full letter HERE 



Jumpstart Leader Riley  WHOMPED at Dem Central Committee


By Marc Garman

1/23/14 -- Divisive and power hungry Jumpstart Vallejo leader Jon Riley has just experienced another political setback and fine example of BLOWBACK from the scorched earth policy of his recent political campaign in Vallejo.

With the appointment of four new LGBT leaders to the Democratic Central Committee, it is clear that Riley is rapidly losing the once iron clad grip he held on Democratic politics in Solano County.

While Riley's Jumpstart campaign succeeded in electing special interest funded Vallejo City Council candidates Malgapo, Dew and Verder-Aliga, it would seem that his support of openly homophobe affiliated candidate Anthony Summers has resulted in the unexpected rise of a new political movement that has thus far been very successful at routing Riley's efforts to maintain control of the Democratic Political Machine in the County. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. 

Nominated to the Central Committee were: Kristin Loomis, David Crumrine, Craig Scott and Stephen Hallett. 

One observer in the room noted that Riley felt compelled to leave when the new members took the oath of office.


More details in Bayard Rustin Political Club press release HERE