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How Green is their Valley?



A Primal Squeak by Wharf Rat


Read the City of Vallejo press release HERE


wharf rat.jpgThe Green Valley Land Owners Association (GVLA) has filed suit against the City of Vallejo (COV) seeking 70 million dollars from the working class Citizens of our City, this almost laughable lawsuit is a ploy to steal the Vallejo Lakes water system or to acquire it way below it's real market value . The GVLA (GVLA.COM) has for years been jockeying to develop 400 upscale single family homes and 100 Mcmansions in middle Green valley . To date Solano County has spent well over 1 Million dollars on studies and EIR related projects in support of this private development , availability and cost of potable water has been an obstacle for this development and future area property developments . 


The lawsuit is a bold attempt to leverage COV to continue to subsidise treated water connections in Green Valley while in fact increasing the cost to subsidize this system by the Citizens of Vallejo who have no current connection to the Vallejo lakes system water and currently spend over $ 100,000 per year to deliver treated water to Green Valley residents and businesses . The Vallejo lakes system  once served all of Vallejo's water needs and along with over 1200 acres of watershed was purchased in the 1800's by COV . 


In 1992 the EPA required lower levels of trihalthaliomains a by-product of naturally decaying organic matter reacting to the water treatment process , this required an aprox. 9 million dollar modification / upgrade by the COV water department of the Green Valley water treatment plant to meet regulatory standards for potable water . COV chose a state of the art treatment technology "the second one of it's kind in the US" to meet these new requirements, this also increased the cost to treat water which led to rate increases to the Green Valley water consumers well beyond the plant upgrades subsidized by Vallejo rate payers .


Some large water users currently purchase wholesale discounted irrigation water from the Solano Irrigation Project 

(SIP) such as the 18 hole Green Valley golf course "which is green year round" and some agribusinesses including 

vanity Vineyards attached to exclusive estates , these "often tax shelters" enjoy much support from the 

public with cheap water and tax breaks under the guise of being agricultural operations but with  opulent mansions 

swimming pools and five car garages . 

Green Valley is not a City or even a township rather it is has a "special area designation" within Solano County 

all their public safety and other services, "exception being potable water" are provided by Solano County, even the schools are County run, one must wonder after all these years why haven't they ever incorporated ? Well the answer is simple "they have a sweet deal by having their costs spread out on the Solano tax payers county wide who continue to subsidize this wealthy enclave of up-scale property owners who are very happy to be subsidized by poor Cities such as Vallejo who continues to fund their water consumption."

The law suit "available on GVLA.COM " spells out in detail their ridiculous, nefarious and groundless lawsuit often citing arcane precedent cases from the early 1900's while making a circular legal argument most of which is superseded by State statute's and in fact laws that tie the COV hands , possibly even to settle were we even inclined to do so, this is obviously a ploy to up-scale Vallejo's current subsidy of their wealthy Community on the backs of those less fortunate IE the Citizens of Vallejo . 


County Supervisor Linda Seifert lives in Green Valley and represents the district. She has also served as a past president if the GVLA. It will be interesting to see where her allegiance is (or has been) on this issue.

Currently Green Valley uses temporary Farm Worker housing as their component of affordable and low income housing requirements (see Napa) I wonder if they piggyback on County wide "unincorporated" stats since they are a special area designation not an incorporated City ? This whole thing smells like a Cat .


Note: All opinions expressed in the "Primal Squeak" column are those of the writer and not necessarily those of the Vallejo Independent Bulletin.