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The first hearing was a use permit for Billard  Los Portales to extend their hours of operation. The vote was 6 to 1 with Commissioner Garden voting no. Most of the conditions proposed by the Planning Department such as having a security guard to make sure that patrons were not drinking in the parking lot or partying in the lot after hours were left intact.

The second hearing to convert existing restaurant space at the Glen Cove Marina to a banquet facility and extension of hours was more contentious. A group of residents living near the site were opposed due to the noise etc. that they felt would occur. Several proponents discussed  how the business was good for Vallejo and that the Marina was a good neighbor.

Staff threw a curve ball when they wanted to exclude all events (weddings etc ) being held outside—a business killer.  The applicant made concessions about the hours of operation in return for being able to hold events outside if they ended at sunset and did not include amplified music. The vote was 6 to 0 in favor with Commissioner Kinney recusing himself.


Mosaics of Vallejo from Zoë Meyers on Vimeo.

2/21/14 -- Vallejo's downtown artist community is getting (and giving) more and more positive attention these days.

Here is a short piece done by Zoe Meyers on local artist Sophia Othman and her mosaic art at Moonfish Artworks in downtown Vallejo.