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By Marc Garman and Tanzanian correspondents

It would seem that Mayor Osby Davis' controversial trip to Tanzania has even more to concern taxpayers than the overtly abusive human rights violations ensconced in the African country's legislation and policies.

The original matter brought before Vallejo City Council on February 11 under the pretense of a last minute, rushed vote would appear to be nothing more than an act of deception on the part of the mayor to hide a long planned and overreaching tourist attraction co-marketed to paid attendees. While sold to fellow councilmembers as a “Sister City” junket to the City of Bagamoyo, the itinerary (see links below) lists only one small day trip to that location.


According to documents advertising the trip, billed as “Make it Tanzania” 2014 Business Trade Mission & Wildlife Safari, attendees are encouraged to register by Jan. 8 at the low low price of $4895 to attend, and gain “direct access to government officials in Tanzania” “orchestrated by Mayor Osby Davis and the Globetrend Cousulting Group.”

The sponsorship description lists THE OFFICE OF MAYOR OSBY DAVIS, VALLEJO,CALIFORNIA as the host and lead US dignitary placing The City of Vallejo as a supporter of Tanzania, and let's face endorser of that countries policies. Once again it would seem that Davis has displayed a contempt for public process and transparency to the taxpayers. This long-planned trip at taxpayer expense to a country with an appalling human rights record is an abuse of the citizens under the guise of “business opportunity.” Will there be magnificent business opportunities forthcoming for Vallejo from Tanzania? Or just a special opportunity for Osby Davis and his pals Michael's Transportation and the Asera Group who are listed as co-sponsors? The trip is billed as “Your African Trip of a Lifetime, Whether you're vacationing, going for business, or even ministry.”

This is about investment in Tanzania. Not about Tanzania investing in Vallejo for sure. Tanzanite mine anyone? No child labor restrictions there.

This Glamorous trip includes:

  • Overnight stay in Dubai with Emirates Airlines

  • Welcome Reception and Three nights first-class lodging in Dar es Salaam, with arranged business meetings with high level Tanzania Government officials and business community leaders.

  • Visit to Bagamoyo, Sister City of Vallejo, Calif.

  • Reception with Tanzanian Government Ministers and Officials and Business Community (Tanzania Chamber of Commerce)

  • Ferry to the fabled Island of Zanzibar. Welcome Reception and Business Meetings.

  • Two nights at the Zanzibar Beach Resort in Stonetown in Zanzibar.

  • Direct flight from Zanzibar to the Serengeti.

  • Two nights lodging at the Seronera Wildlife Lodge in the heart of Serengeti.

  • Game drives in fully equipped 4x4 safari vehicles with driver guide through the Serengeti and along the Grumeti River.

  • Overnight at the Ngorongoro highland’s Wildlife Lodge.

  • Game drive through the Ngorongoro Crater and visit to Olduvai Gorge, home to some of the world’s most significant early hominid findings.

  • Drive through the Great Rift Valley –village walk through local markets

  • Direct flight from Arusha to Nairobi (Kenya) for return flight to USA

Osby Davis has stated that this trip is “not a vacation” and that he is in Tanzania “on city business,” Sounds more like funny business than anything else. Wonder if we can get a refund?

Here are links to all related documents we have so far. VIB has made a Freedom of Information Act Request regarding this matter. We will be sure to share anything of interest with you.