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Building at corner of Tennessee and M.I Way burns -- 3/18/14 PDF Print


Planning Commissioners voted 6 to 1 (Commissioner Graden NO) Monday March 17 2014 to recommend an Amended 2005 South Vallejo Industrial Park Policy Plan to City Council. A hearing for a Self-Storage facility at the Industrial Park was continued until City Council votes on the revised Industrial Park Plan.

As City Staff believed that the procedure used to approve the 2005 Use Permit for the South Vallejo Industrial Park (off Sonoma Blvd. near Meyer cookware) had not been properly followed i.e. not having city Council approve it, the Planning Commission was asked to recommend an Amended 2005 Use Permit to City Council. The revisions made by Staff included the elimination of agricultural uses, scrap operations, wholesaling and distribution heavy, outdoor storage and heavy industrial.
Staff added back the use of self-storage and steel/aluminum skin (walls). Several of the Commissioners objected to these two changes and had them removed. The original purpose of the Industrial Park created in 1980 was to generate jobs. A Self-Storage facility proposed for the industrial park would have generated two full jobs.


2/18/14 -- Shortly after midnight, Vallejo firefighters were busy extinguishing a fire in the old grey Navy building at the corner of Tennessee and Mare Island Way.

Several squatters were escorted from the structure as firefighters worked to put out the last of the flames at the  back of the building.

As is generally the case, squatters and old wooden structures are a bad mix.

Paramedics were standing by, but did not need to assist anyone in the time VIB was present.