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Hello readers, we're trying a new feature ! VIB will be creating 15 minute podcasts discussing City Council meetings called Council Talk with Anne Carr and Marc Garman. These will be shared with Vallejo's local radio station Ozcat radio at 89.5 FM as well as online for you!  The plan going forward will be to get these reports out the night of the meeting online and to air on Wednesdays @3pm and Saturday's @ 9am on Ozcat. And we intend to keep up with written Council reports better! -- ed. 



March 18 Vallejo City Council 



text by Anne Carr 

At Tuesday's study session on North Mare Island, the Council considered 5 formal proposals, plus a couple suggestions from the podium (6 formal proposals had been expected, but one apparently didn't get their documents in). The good news is that these proposals were unsolicited, reflecting a higher level of interest and activity than a year ago.  Further, in addition to the 5 proposals submitted, Vallejo has had other inquiries that haven't reached the proposal stage.

Among the stronger ideas considered were a proposal for a high tech incubator campus, and 2 different proposals for casinos. As you might expect, the high tech campus got a lot of support, but the developer apparently hasn't had much experience with same.  The casinos got a range of responses from "too controversial" (Katy), to Malgapo's enthusiastic visions of dollar signs -- but perhaps the very best result of the study session is that the Council decided to open up the process by making a formal call for proposals. Bravo for not being seduced outright, as the casinos are dangling big money while they simultaneously downplay the long gestation period for casino approvals (up to 10 years).  Also absent from the discussion was mention of the social costs of casinos, although there was one suggestion for offering Gambling Anonymous meetings on site.  


The City will send out and advertise a RFQ -- Request for Qualifications, which is apparently less intimidating than a formal RFP, and likely will get more responses from capable parties.  Deadline for submissions will likely be Sept timeframe, exact timing tbd.  The idea is that now that the economy is improving, there may be more options out there than just the unsolicited proposals that had already come in.