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3/25/14 – Tonight's Meeting of the Vallejo City Council was pretty light and fluffy. Councilmember Verder-Aliga and Sampayan were absent. And we were actually out of there before 8 PM, which doesn't happen too often.

There was some good news. Vallejo has hired 9 new firefighters and two other city employees.

And some bad news from folks who are upset over the changes to Federal HUD (Housing and Urban Development) vouchers. Council regular and landlord Lily Hurd was present to give the council a piece of her mind over the changes reducing the subsidy to her tenants. But alas, this is outside of the purview of the City Council for the most part.


Vallejo will be participating in a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. there will be a park ranger in an office at 419 Georgia St. downtown and a festival September 3-6 called Visions of the Wild.

A new ordinance, part of Vallejo's Neighborhood Law Program, will help the City get blighted and abandoned properties into receivership by waiving some City imposed liens. The idea being that this will allow action to “abate” issues with abandoned properties through court-appointed receivership.

Parking in City owned lots down by the ferry building will now require a $20 monthly permit or put limits on how long you can park in those spots 2 or 4 hours. The parking garage will offer longer hourly parking. That's about it for tonight's City Hall quickie.

We also discuss campaign finance in the last City Council election and the recent article by Paul Norberg: The Best City Council Special Interest Money Can Buy.


And that's all folks!