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FLASH--4/22/14 --  City Council CRUSHES Planning Commission recommendation on dais. Staff recommendation passes with 4-3 vote Davis, Dew-Costa, Verder-Aliga and Malgapo YES, McConnell, Miessner and Sampayan NO. STORAGE UNITS TO MOVE FORWARD.





Tempers Flare like Pack of Hemorrhoids at Planning Commission Meeting

Economic Development Director Sawicki loses portion of Anatomy (Yes, those)


If you watch only one Planning Commission meeting per year -- THIS IS THE ONE!! 

Un-Planned Insurrection over Self Storage Proposal

4/22/14 -- What was to be a very short Planning Commission meeting turned into an hour and 11 minute spectacle.

The Planning Commissioners were extremely upset that Staff had unilaterally gone against the wishes of the Planning Commission. Staff had ignored the Planning Commission’s recommendations (opposing self-storage and steel skinned buildings) concerning the South Vallejo Industrial Park Master Plan. Staff substituted their own set of recommendations (which included self-storage as a use) for City Council to vote on.

On March 17 2014 the Planning Commission had voted 6 to 1 to recommend to City Council that they adopt a revised South Vallejo Industrial Park Master Plan that excluded Self-Storage (as a use) and steel skinned buildings. The rationale of the Planning Commission is that Self-Storage is not a good use of the land as few jobs and little revenue would be generated.

Staff did finally acquiesce to the unified voice of outrage from the dais and will allow the Planning Commission recommendation to be voted on first by City Council. 

The Director of Economic Development looked pretty diminished by the end of the meeting.