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NEW!! Trying a new comments section folks as the old Daily Scream has just seen it's day and is far too susceptible to hacking and spam. Either click the bullhorn in the left column, or open the "rest of this article" link at the bottom of the feature to comment. Let me know if it's working ok and etc. MG



Not sure what Participatory Budgeting is?

Participatory Budgeting Vallejo

Keep it or Kill it.

6/9/14 -- The vote on the Participatory Budgeting Program in the City of Vallejo is set for the June 10 meeting of the Vallejo City Council. The City Council will be looking at putting PB on ice for at least one year.

VIB decided to take to the streets this past Saturday with our new correspondent Chad Everyman and ask the people of Vallejo what they thought about PB and whether the City Council should Keep or Kill PB in Vallejo.

Here are comments from the street, starting at the free coffee tasting at Moschetti Coffee, continuing to the Farmers Market, Pista Sa Nayon and the waterfront.

Why? Because we want a piece of your mind!!





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