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A Word From the Editor

January 1, 2008



We have a new look. We've also started calling ourselves the Vallejo Independent Bulletin. You're probably asking yourself, What does it mean??

Don't worry, we will continue to report, research and inform just as we have been doing...only better.

We are growing.

Expect to see new features and more exciting content. The new format will allow us to grow (scalability) and keep the content organized and easy for you to use.

All the older stuff is accessible by going to the Burning Archive on the left navigation bar. Everything is still here.

The Daily Scream looks a little different. You no longer need to send email to put a comment up. Just type your scream right into the dialog box on the page. We are still reading and monitoring comments so nothing has really changed. Just better software...nicer for us and easier for you.

The Primal Scream is a new addition. We will have more on that (how to submit etc.) up soon.

About the name change...We started this site to address one issue facing Vallejo. Now that we have decided to stick around long term we feel that the new moniker is more appropriate.

We will be here to watch and report on the issues and challenges facing Vallejo. You will always have a chance to have your ideas heard as well.

Reach us at or Both get you here.

So, welcome to the new VIB. Always vigilant...More so now than ever.

Viva Vallejo!

Marc Garman-editor VIB