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VIB Unfair on Prop. 8 ?


Dear Mr. Garman

The recent elections for Vallejo political office have been close indeed. One one side the old guard in alliance with the public employee unions have bankrupted our city, on the others reformers.

Our town has deep union roots. The present members of unions and pensioners would vote for Satan if the union bosses recommended him. The local news paper, as you are aware, is in bed with the old guard. For that reason I had hope for your website as a loyal opposition and for fair and balanced reporting on issues affecting the city. Unfortunately my hopes have been dashed. Your reporting on the prop 8 issue has been biased.

Maybe I am wrong but did you try to interview anybody inside the Empress? My guess is they were scared to express their opinion. I was asked my opinion on this issue a couple of months ago by a street vendor at the farmers market and remember being apprehensive about giving an answer on an election issue for the first time in my life.

Your website helped organize the protest at the Empress Theater . You may say the protest was based on opposition to prop 8 but the protest was against one group of an organized religion. I find this to be reprehensible, disgusting and reeking of Fascism. Would your website have helped organize a protest if the Jewish faith had rented the Empress? Of course not. There has been an undercurrent of hostility to religion on your website and this has been exposed.

I checked out the Solano County Election results on prop 8 and 56% of the voters voted yes. They pay taxes their children attend Vallejo schools and they have a stake in the future of the community as do those who voted no. By your site's apparent hostility to those who supported prop 8 you risk leaving the City in the same old incapable hands.

My mathmatical question is what is 50% of 46%? The answer is 23%. After all how can you ever hope to win an election with 23% of the vote.
 Perhaps I am being too simplistic. This email is just to express my opinion. Sorry if I come off as harsh as I know you have Vallejo's best interest at heart.

Joey Porter

Mr. Porter,

First of all, let me be clear. VIB did not organize the protest against proposition 8 at Vallejo's Empress Theatre. The organizer of the event sent us a press release, and so we put the information out there and then covered the event.

We at VIB have no specific grudge against the Mormon Church; however, the separation of church and state is one of the cornerstones of our government. Proposition 8 does raise some questions in that area for sure.

As an American I am forced to question any religion that seeks to impose its will on the rights of any minority group. I personally think proposition 8 is a violation of civil rights... plain and simple.

I would question any religion or group of individuals that took such an action. Jewish, Mormon, Catholic or whatever.

For the record, I am both heterosexual and Jewish.

I am not religious but do have friends of different religions and sexual orientations. I have lived in gay households (roommates) as the token straight guy and never found any problem with it.

I have no direct personal stake in proposition 8, but I guess I am what you could call socially liberal.

As an American who believes in both freedom of religion and separation of church and state I think proposition 8 is an abomination. If two people-consenting adults-- want to be together--or marry-- I have a hard time seeing how it hurts anybody else.

I strongly suspect that Proposition 8 will be found unconstitutional and ultimately overturned.

So, that's enough of my personal opinion. As has been stated on VIB before: I welcome opinions from people on both sides of the issue. Your letters and commentary are welcome.

Furthermore, if individuals on opposing sides of the proposition 8 issue would like to discuss the issue for a televised (VCAT channel 27 and internet stream) debate, VIB will be happy to organize it. Please email me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

And would VIB have covered the protest at the Empress if the Jewish faith had participated in supporting proposition 8? Hell yes.

Marc Garman---editor VIB