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Vallejo is Facing a $12 Million Deficit


Now What ?


By Marc Garman

Let's face it. Things don't look good in the near future for Vallejo. It would seem that the opportunity and momentum we had to bring about meaningful change through bankruptcy has been greatly dissipated. The agreement with Vallejo's police has pretty much ensured a $12 million deficit in the next year. Even if the remaining contracts with Vallejo's employees are vacated, the budget will not pencil without a major infusion of cash.

Of course, expense is not the only factor in any budget. Revenue must be considered. With the collapse of the real estate market, the banking crisis, the rise in credit card debt and the spiking jobless rate, the revenue options are dropping dead faster than a mosquito snorting DDT. The economy is sick and polluted with so called “toxic assets”.

Bottom line: YOU, the Vallejo taxpayer, are on the hook. YOU are the source of revenue. The fiscal “PRIORITY DEVELOPMENT SESSION” proposed for the Tuesday March 10 City Council meeting is about YOU. Taxation is the only major, viable source of revenue available to the City of Vallejo in the immediate future.

Your wallet is on the hot seat.

Do you trust Vallejo's Mayor and City Council to spend your dollars wisely?

We want to hear from you. What positive solutions or ideas do YOU have? Will you pay more taxes? Or vote to renew existing ones?

Please post your thoughts in the comments section below.