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A Challenge of Legendary Magnitude


We Request a Meeting with the H. Martin Foundation


By Marc Garman


Many claims have been made by the H. Martin Foundation (HMF). This “humanitarian funding” organization apparently has not funded any project since its inception in 1990 or '91 and yet claims that it has the assets and viability to fund and facilitate a number of massive and ambitious projects in Vallejo, California.



In a series of detailed research articles published on VIB we have been unable to find one shred of evidence that supports the legitimacy of any claim made by HMF. See our previous articles:

In a recent interview with the Vallejo Times Herald, Ms. Flor Lat Villapando, the “World Co-Chair” of the organization made the claim that they could easily pay off the debt of the U.S. Treasury (noted at $11.8 trillion or so) continuing to escalate both the size of the claims by her organization as well as their improbability.


According to sources, Pastor Rey Bernardes of the Global Center for Success on Mare Island, continues to meet with HMF. His actions as an affiliate of the HMF includes speaking on behalf of the organization as well as appearing in promotional videos.

As a result of concerns expressed to VIB by a number of citizens, we have brought together a panel of financial experts. We humbly request to meet with Pastor Rey Bernardes and Ms. Flor Lat Villapando or other suitable representative of the H. Martin Foundation in order to examine their financial records.

We will publish the findings.

Our panel of experts consists of:

  • J.D. Miller, CPA, MBA

  • Paul Norberg, CFO, retired--CPA, retired

  • Katy Miessner, fianacial analyst and fund accounting specialist

  • Jimmy Sarmiento, Certified Financial Planner Professional-- investment advisor and securities broker, retired

  • Robert Schussel, Ph.D, Doctor of Psychology with specialties in market research and statistics

  • Marc Garman, Editor, VIB—to observe and report

We would also like to suggest the presence of representatives from the Vallejo Times Herald—Jessica York perhaps—as well as Eduardo M. Yra reporter with the Fil-Am Star as well as any other members of the press to observe, report and verify.

The H. Martin Foundation and Ms. Villapando say they want to do wonderful things for us here in Vallejo.

Now prove it.


Note: This request has been sent to the appropriate parties via email.