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By Sam Kurshan


I know I am not welcome here and expect this to be removed. Hopefully it will be read first.

I want to commend Marc for being the catalyst that led to Scott James writing the NY Times article on Wednesday and for the excellent article I just read here.

Since the article was written, I have been in touch with Lou Bordisso, Adrienne Waterman, Jana Besh of Solano Green Alliance and many other Vallejoans who are outraged by the way Osby disgraced Vallejo in the eyes of the world through a newspaper that is published in more languages and countries on the earth than any other periodical.

I have gone on the TH blogs and called for Osby to resign or be recalled and many are in agreement.


On Tuesday December 1st World AIDS Awareness Day will be celebrated and locally on Marin and Georgia Streets, there will be an afternoon of events including Osby speaking there.

An organized effort is being undertaken as I write this to have December First be a day of expression of public outrage against Osby's statements which do not represent the true and tolerant feelings of Vallejoan's concerning gay people, by attending the event and protesting Osby's comments.

Later that evening a new City Council will be sworn in and people are urged to attend and fill out speaker cards to voice their outrage. I will be formally be demanding Osby's resignation or to face a recall.

It is my hope that the Council members will wear rainbow ribbons to show their solidarity and support of the gay community.

It is my hope that that Scott James be contacted and asked to be present to write a follow up article to show the world that the vile and hateful statements of Osby Davis do not represent the kind and tolerant attitude of the diverse community that Vallejo is really comprised of.

The media will be contacted and this day will go down in history as a day where a community rose up against a tyranical and homophobic man who while he claims to be a leader is leading us down the wrong path.

Please tell everyone you know to attend both events.

Thank you for tolerating me for a few important minutes!