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Kurt Henke: Why Should We Believe Him???

Public Misled By One Sided Reporting


By Marc Garman 

This Just in--VIB has just acquired a copy of an email from Vallejo City Manager, Joseph Tanner the Vallejo Times Herald regarding today's front page article  Union Blames City Manager.

This article begins with  the words :

An agreement to head off Vallejo's bankruptcy was about to be cemented when the city manager stepped in and nixed it, the president of Vallejo's powerful fire union told the Vallejo City Council and hundreds of worried residents Tuesday.

Here's the back story:

At approximately 10:30 PM city manager Joe Tanner was informed via email that the T-H (Times Herald) was going to run a story focusing on the comments made by Kurt Henke, President IAFF 1186 Firefighters Union. Henke made these comments just a few moments earlier during Tuesday's city council meeting.

Henke claimed that Tanner had derailed negotiations with Vallejo's public safety unions. This in clear violation of agreed upon confidentiality during labor talks.  City Council was still in session at this time.  ELIMINATING ANY OPPORTUNITY FOR TANNER TO RESPOND.

The Times Herald ran the story without making any genuine attempt to get both sides of the story or check their facts.  Furthermore, Mayor Osby Davis made it clear at the meeting that Tanner had not "nixed" the negotiations.

It seems the T-H took Kurt Henke's word and ignored Osby Davis. I guess we know who really runs this town (and its Mickey Mouse "newspaper").  Kurt Henke not Osby Davis.

The email below underscores the bias and lack of journalistic integrity we believe to be such a problem with Vallejo's only newspaper.

Click the link and scroll down to see the email from City Manager Tanner to The Times Herald. 

Some parts have been redacted for confidentiality.