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2007 Earnings for All City of Vallejo Employees

There has been a lot of hoopla about money in Vallejo lately. Especially regarding salaries. 

There has also been a lot of confusion. 

So here are the actual earnings for every City of Vallejo Employee.   

These earnings figures are the amounts that appear on each employee's W-2 form.  They include overtime where applicable BUT not benefits.

As public safety salaries are such a hot issue, you should know that public safety got an 8.5% raise for 2008.  Their benefits cost the city between 73% and 85% additional above and beyond base pay. 

3/1/08 Just in: Please realize that Joann West's salary amount reflects a retirement payout.  Some of the other highest salaries may also reflect a payout.  We try to think of every detail to make the information clear, so we apologize if this created any sort of confusion.

We will print a list of employees who took retirement in 2007.

Be sure to check out Fringe Benefits and Extra Pay Cost  and  Public Safety Salaries--Why are They So High?  written by Paul "The Gadfather" Norberg for a closer look at these issues.

Some folks seem to think that our mayor and city council are getting rich from their positions.  So,these are the amounts paid to council members in 2007:

Bartee, Thomas       $10,800

Cloutier, Gary          $11,571

Davis, Gerald           $16,467 

Davis, Osby              $1,881

Gomes, Stephanie   $17,284                         Click the link HERE to see the complete list

Hannigan, Erin          $1,135

Intintoli, Anthony    $41,188 

Pearsall, Anthony    $16,467 

Schivley, Joanne       $1,135

Sunga, Hermino      $10,800 

Wilson, Michael           $582

Council members do get a health benefit through the city if they do not already have one. Councilmembers who have health benefits already get a cash payment. This is reflected in the above figures.