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Q: What's Wrong With This Picture?

A: The City of Vallejo Seal Seems to Have Fallen Off!!


Mayor Davis, 

You constantly call for civil discourse and yet it would appear you have again failed to make a sincere effort to include the people (taxpayers) in a public gathering of considerable importance.  As a matter of fact every effort seems to have been made to exclude dissent or differing opinion, and present a false impression of joy and felicity to the media.

Everybody sing Kum-Ba-Ya. 

When considering the “risky” and controversial nature of the impending agreement with the public safety unions a discourse should not just be expected…it should be encouraged.

We at VIB only discovered (and posted) that there was a press conference planned due to a slip of the tongue by the media.

I’m sure your failure to notify VIB or anyone holding a dissenting opinion with regard to the deal with the public safety unions was a simple oversight…because the faithful and approving voices seemed to have somehow gotten the word.

Or was this what they call "spin control"? 

While we at VIB do not encourage the disruptive actions of some people present, their anger is understandable.  Nobody likes to be shut out.  Especially when their future is at stake.

I must say, I find the press release a bit confusing.  Is it from The Office Of The Mayor ? Or is it from the IAFF and VPOA? Or have these become one and the same? I hope not.

Then again, sailing under the union banner may have been a way to skirt the requirement of notifying The City Manager’s Office if taxpayer resources were used…but perhaps I’m assuming too much.

Nonetheless, I wonder if the Police and Fire Public Information Officers were on the taxpayers’ dime when they helped organize this little event.

It would also be nice to know if the City Manager was made aware of this press conference or if he had to find out on the evening news.

I just can’t imagine anyone would strive to undermine the public process and oppose transparent government at every turn. Or would they?


Rhetorically Yours,

Marc Garman- -Editor VIB


P.S. Speaking of Pictures...Here's a lovely "SUITABLE FOR FRAMING" picture of Mayor Davis, Kurt Henke President IAFF 1186, Jon Riley VP IAFF 1186, Matt Mustard VP VPOA and Police Lieutenant Rick Nickelman just after having a little pep talk in the parking lot outside City Hall right before the press conference.