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Identity Stolen by H. Martin Foundation


By Marc Garman

VIB received the letter below from an anonymous “Concerned Vallejo Citizen” in October of 2009. The letter outlines the existence of a video used by The H. Martin Foundation (HMF) criminal syndicate in promoting their activities and gaining false credibility in the United States and abroad. VIB delayed publishing this letter in order to attempt to find witnesses who could confirm this.

VIB has now corroborated the existence and content of the video with several eyewitnesses. The eyewitnesses, who have requested anonymity, confirm that images of Mayor Osby Davis past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga, Mare Island, and Vallejo City Hall are used to promote the H. Martin Foundation.

Also mentioned is a November 19, 2008 meeting with HMF held on Mare Island and hosted by Touro University. The details described concur with the accounts by eyewitnesses. We have no reason to believe that Touro University had or continues to have anything to do with HMF beyond hosting the meeting. Some names have been redacted so as not to disrupt ongoing research.

Most disturbing is the apparent theft of the identity of The City of Vallejo by the H. Martin Foundation for the promotion of their activities. It is our sincerest hope that Mayor Osby Davis and past Vice Mayor Sunga will do all that is necessary to clarify the status of The City of Vallejo in relation to the H. Martin Foundation.

If you have been defrauded by the H. Martin Foundation, have seen the video described below, or have any other information, please contact VIB at: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Your confidentiality will be respected.

VIB would also be interested in hearing from Pastor Rey Bernardes on the matter of the H. Martin Foundation. In his most recent statement of record on HMF, Bernardes stated: The H. Martin Foundation is true and real.”

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