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Vallejo Mayor to H. Martin Foundation:





 "Cease and












By Marc Garman


H. Martin Foundation Vice World Chair Flor Lat Villapando recently named Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis, Pastor Rey Bernardes and Vallejo's Vice Mayor (reference to past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga) as those that kept the faith on H. MARTIN FOUNDATION Far East Humanitarian Services”. This statement was made in a ten page manifesto posted on the H. Martin website.


Read the 10 page statement from Flor Lat Villapando HERE as a PDF.

Link to HMF website  HERE

The H. Martin Foundation (HMF) is a criminal syndicate disguised as a charitable organization. They are involved in counterfeiting US Treasury Notes and defrauding victims of considerable sums of money. They use images, and the names of individuals to create the appearance of credibility and defraud their victims. They have been trying to set up an operation in Vallejo.

VIB sources inside the H. Martin Foundation have also indicated that images of Mayor Osby Davis, Hermie Sunga and Mare Island are being used to promote the H. Martin Foundation agenda. A video recently appeared on the H. Martin website using images of Mare Island. HERE

Vallejo Mayor Osby Davis has now issued a letter which makes clear that neither he nor past Vice Mayor Hermie Sunga are “supporters or endorsers of the H. Martin Foundation and its program or project.” The Mayor continues to demand that The H. Martin Foundation “cease and desist” in its use of images of himself or Hermie Sunga.

Read the letter from Osby Davis to the H. Martin Foundation HERE

H. Martin Foundation Vice World Chair Flor Lat Villapando states in her manifesto on the HMF website that “You will eat what you vomited.” and makes the promise that “HMF will be back in Vallejo VERY soon!”

VIB would be interested in hearing from The H. Martin Foundation and Vice World Chair Villapando as to whether she intends to issue a retraction in light of the correspondence from Vallejo's Mayor. We'll be waiting.

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