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Dredging Permit on the Way



Mare Island Dry Docks move closer to reopening


By Marc Garman


According to a source with the Army Corps. of Engineers, a dredging permit is on the way to Allied Defense Recycling (ADR), the firm intent on bringing ships to Mare Island's dry docks from the Suisun Bay Mothball fleet for dismantling. Dredging operations are necessary to remove silt and allow ships to move through the Mare Island Straits and enter the dry docks.

Jay Anast, principal at ADR confirmed that the National Marine Fisheries Service, California Fish and Game and the US Navy “signed off” on the permit today. The only remaining signature required is from the Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC), which is expected to be a formality since BCDC has already apparently satisfied any concerns they have. All major agencies have given the thumbs up. The permit is in the mail.

The dredging is expected to start around Oct. 1 and take approximately 45 days. The dry docks will be ready to begin operations in January, contingent upon ADR winning a bid from the US Maritime Administration (MARAD). Anast indicated that ADR will be seeking the opportunity to bid on any ship made available by MARAD which falls within the size range feasible for dismantling on Mare Island. It looks like the dry docks are going back to work.