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Image     The Whole Tamale II

                       Acid Reflux Edition

2007 Earnings for All City of Vallejo Employees 

With More Columns for a Breakdown of Overtime etc.


By Marc Garman 


First, we published Vallejo firefighter salaries.  Many of you said, "Ooh!!!" and "Aah!!!" and "Wow!!" and "My God!!".  But, there were a few whiners who wanted to see salaries for police and everyone else.  So, we got that for you. 

That really gave some people indigestion.

Some folks even tried to convince us we were breaking the law by putting up the numbers.  Not the case, so the numbers stayed.

And many of you said, "Ooh!!!" and "Aah!!!" and "Holy Mackerel!!!" and "My Goodness!!!".

But, there were a few whiners who said, "What about overtime?  Your numbers don't show the breakdown of salary and overtime!!"

So now we have a more complete breakdown of wages including overtime for all City of Vallejo Employees.

Now for sure more whiners will come out of the woodwork and demand further analysis and say we're being unfair.

But to tell you the truth, we're OK with that at VIB...because to a lot of folks...we are the whiners.

So, keep whining, keep thinking, keep questioning and take a couple antacids.  We'll do our best to get the facts to you.

Click the link: HERE to see the complete list