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The Obtainium Cup is coming to Mare Island 

6/22/14 -- The Obtainium Cup Contraptor's Rally is coming to Mare Island on July 27. Not to be missed!!

Here is the new TV spot shot and cut by yours truly (Marc Garman)

Featuring  Featuring Shannon O'Hare, Victor John, Trevor Allen, Caroline Miller (Lowen at 1 month!), Josh Hitchcock, Horatio Birdbath, Kimric Smythe, Liam McNamara, and with special help from Nibs and others!

More info:

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Flash -- Vallejo Police Announce Formation

of Police Advisory Group, Coffee with the

Cops outreach program  

 Read Full Press release HERE


The Elephant in the Room

and the Golden Rule  

By Tim Heimstra




I had the privilege of attending the City Council meeting recently with my Vallejo Heights neighbors and friends who want to save participatory budgeting (PB).  My personal motivation for attending is that our neighborhood has several roads with potholes that need filling and repaved. 


Mayor Davis allowed for an open forum inviting anyone to step up to the podium and share concerns within the community.  My heart became heavy with sorrow when a homeless man (Mr. Smith) humbly went to the podium to share his frustration with an unsafe van he purchased on March 27th of this year at a lien sale from a local towing company for a few hundred dollars.  According to his statement, he was stopped by the Police, who called the towing company he bought it from to have it towed away because it was not DMV and safety compliant. 

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Photographic Double Header -- Here are some pics from a pair of recent Vallejo events, The Garden Tour and Pista Sa Nayon courtesy of VIB's photographic field correspondent and man of the hour, Angelo Paparazzi.

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Vallejo City Council

June 10, 2014 

6/11/14 -- Here is our podcast and contemplations on the permutations and variations of the machinations of that august (or not so much so) body known colloquially as Club-No-Life or Your Vallejo City Council.

Anyhow, last night's topics include: The Budget, Participatory Budgeting, Structural Deficits, LED Streetlights, a delayed anti-smoking ordinance and more!


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