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Citizens for Vallejo Press Release


Citizens for Vallejo (CfV)



endorses “Save PB Vallejo”



CfV supports petition to save Participatory Budgeting Vallejo from more budget cuts!

VALLEJO, CA (May 22, 2014) – Citizens for Vallejo (CfV) endorses the “Save PB Vallejo” campaign to continue Participatory Budgeting (PB) as unanimously approved and recommended by the City Council in June 2013.

"Participatory Budgeting engages the community like no other process, allowing average citizens to make the tough trade-off choices about how scarce resources are used. It's both innovative and extremely practical. It also puts Vallejo on the map for something positive.  For a small investment, Vallejo gets a huge return. It's one of the best things we’ve ever done,” exclaimed Anne Carr, CfV Board Member.


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Vallejo Police Shootings with Michael Krasny on

KQED Forum:


Listen to the Podcast here:


Sign the PETITION to protect PB:





Participatory Budgeting


means a lot to the People of Vallejo  


By Ravi Shankar



  Dear City Manager, Mr. Dan Keen: 



Your recent "recommendation" to the Vallejo City Council to suspend Year-3 cycle of PB and change the process at this point has been extremely disappointing at the least and contradicts several of your actions in previous meetings on this key community engagement process in Vallejo.   


Fast and furiously, this has generated rumors, undermined PB staff's confidence, performance, morale and communication ... while the Budget Delegates are confused and outraged why the PB-Steering Committee appears to be losing control and appears to be allowing the community voices to be crushed by questionable decisions/actions, partial or mis-representation of facts and closed-door deals, when on record, the City wants TRANSPARENCY at all levels/stages ?


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KQED article questions number of police shootings in Vallejo:


Questions Surround Surge in Vallejo Police Shootings

Shortly after midnight on an evening nearly two years ago, Vallejo police officers on the lookout for drunken drivers spotted a white 1999 Lexus speeding, without its lights on. When the officers turned on their lights and siren to pull the car over, police said later, the driver led them on a short chase that ended in back of an apartment building on a dead-end street.



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Vaisakhi Festival 2014 


5/18/14 -- Here are some pictures from the Vaisakhi Festival held by Vallejo's Indian community at the Dan Foley Cultural Center yesterday. Music, costumes, dance and food were the order of the day.

It was a great time and another example of the many cultures that make up our community here in Vallejo.


 The Sunday Funny


Dr. Fiddlestix is a protector of Truth, Justice and the American way (or something? but we're not totally sure?). Sometimes a little lubricant just helps the process though...  


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